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Her gift was music.  Her wish was to share it.


The music for the ten melodies currently featured on this website was composed by Robin Taback, of blessed memory.  The lyrics, other than the liturgical prayers, were also written by Robin. Nine different and prolific female vocalists have each donated their talent and their time by participating to honor Robin. Robin's voice, as originally recorded,  is included as the tenth track on the CD. All ten tracks have been have been masterfully revitalized under the direction of Scott Leader.



Sim Shalom
"Sim Shalom" a stained glass crafted by Robin at Camp Swig

Layout for Sim Shalom art
adapted for the pre-release cover
  for "Remembering Robin" by


The seeds of this project were sown after a concert in 2005 at Temple Beth Tikvah featuring the energetic folk/rock duo of Scott Leader and Robbi Sherwin.  Robin's mother, Lou Ann, presented these talented artists with a CD of Robin's music.  The following day, Lou Ann received a phone call from Scott with the idea of recording a new CD using all of Robin's original music, with each track sung by a different one of the many female vocalists that Scott knows in the Jewish music industry.  It was decided at the onset, that proceeds from eventual sales would be donated to charities focused on cancer research and support, and to memorialize Robin by contributing to Project Legacy at TBT. The project was initially funded by generous personal contributions from:

Arthur and Stephanie Blank

Greg and Nancy Laemmle

Dr. William Escovitz "zl" and Jeani Olian

Thanks to them and to those who have also contributed to the Robin Taback Memorial Music Fund established at Temple Beth Tikvah in Fullerton, CA, the album has been completed.  Excerpts can be heard on this website.
Proceeds from the sale of the CD will benefit the following charitable non-profit organizations as designated by purchaser in Robin's memory:


1) Israel Cancer Research Fund
2) Oncology Department Hadassah, Israel
3) Sharsheret, a U.S. based organization support young Jewish women diagnosed with breast cancer.
4) Temple Beth Tikvah's, Asa Center for Lifelong Jewish Learning   



Purchases  can be made by check or by credit card using PayPal by clicking: Buy CD

Learn more about:


  Sharsheret @

Hadassah Oncology Department

The Asa Center for Lifelong Jewish Learning
Temple Beth Tikvah





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